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08 annual reports, the average price-to-earnings ratio (P/E ratio) of companies listed on ChiNext tops 53.1, two times higher than that ▓of the A-share market. However, according to these companies' quarterly repor▓ts of Q3 2009, th

eir total net profits increased by 75.58 percent ye▓ar on year and average earnings per share jumped by 64.36 percent, e▓asing market anxiety.Wang Guoping, an analyst from China Galaxy Securities noted ▓that there were various valuation

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methods for enterprises listed on the gr▓owth enterprise market worldwide. Taking growth potential into consideration, valuatio▓n of companies listed on the ChiNext should include not only common measures such as P/E ratio a▓nd pri


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ce-to-book ratio (P/B ratio), but also their high expansion speed.Growth enterprise markets in other countries have also sh▓owed different price formation mechanisms from the main board. The P/E ratios of 56 Chinese innovative en

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terprises that made IPOs in the U.S. between 2004 and 2007 ranged from 10 to ▓500.The Beijing municipal government announced on Sunday that it is investing in what it calls a re-guarantee firm to su▓pport the development of small an

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